Source code for numkit

# numkit --- some numerical functions for analysis of molecular simulations
# Copyright (c) 2010 Oliver Beckstein <>
# Released under the "Modified BSD Licence" (see COPYING).
:mod:`numkit` --- Helper functions for scipy and friends

A collection of functions and classes that support the analysis of molecular
dynamics trajectories (i.e. mostly time series).

Please note that these functions are provided "as is" and no guarantee is given
that they are accurate or free from error. Bug reports and test cases are very
welcome. Please submit them through the Github `Issue Tracker`_.

.. _Issue Tracker:

The following modules are available and can be imported when needed:

   Simple least square fitting routines.

   Analysing time series (including correlation functions and coarse

   Numerical integration of data (e.g. integration with error bars)

   Defines an object :class:`~numkit.observables.QuantityWithError`
   that automatically performs simple error propagation arithmetic.


__all__ = ['fitting', 'timeseries', 'integration', 'observables']

[docs]class LowAccuracyWarning(Warning): """Warns that results may possibly have low accuracy."""
from ._version import get_versions __version__ = get_versions()['version'] del get_versions